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Start date : 10/09/2021

End date : 11/09/2021

Presidency of the Council of the EU,

Culture, education and youth,

The topic of the conference considers the characteristics of heritage as the intertwining of traditions and contemporary creativity. Various cultural backgrounds have continuously enriched heritage through human interactions. Today, as an expression of dynamic identities and creative processes, heritage is an essential building block of sustainable development.

The first day of the conference will feature a series of plenary sessions. An introductory overview of the issue will be followed by lectures and debates on the right to heritage and the heritage dimension of sustainable development.

The second day of the conference will begin with introductory presentations and further discussions on the heritage dimension of sustainable development, which will be followed by workshops. Participants will discuss topics such as the exercise of inheritance rights in cases of difficult heritage, legal and administrative aspects of the right to heritage, European heritage and “Baukultur” (the culture of building) as a generator of the heritage of the future.

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