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How buildings will make our cities safe, resilient, and sustainable

In the framework of the pre-COP26 All4Climate – Italy 2021 initiative, this event will address the topics of how buildings are affected by climate change as well as how old buildings and construction practices affect the climate and what can be done about all this.

Brief presentations by scientists from the European Commission’s Joint research centre (JRC) on the concepts and innovative solutions at the forefront of research will be followed by questions, exchange of ideas and open discussions.

The 3 themes of the event will be:

  • Why should we adapt the built environment to climate change?
  • Ways to upgrade old buildings so they are more energy efficient and safe
  • The use of sensors and smart city platforms for improving resilience and sustainability

The final part of the event is reserved for questions, comments, ideas and testimonials from young activists, which will be brought directly to policymakers during a session at the European Week of regions and cities on 12 October 2021.

More information on the event


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