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Forward look: 8 – 21 March 2021

The location and the format (physical or virtual) indicated for each meeting are subject to change.

Informal video conference of justice ministers, 11 March 2021

Ministers will have an exchange of views on the retention of electronic communication data. They will also discuss the new strategy for the Charter of Fundamental Rights with the director of the Fundamental Rights Agency.

Informal video conference of home affairs ministers, 12 March 2021

Home affairs ministers will discuss the proposed directive on the resilience of critical entities, enhancing cooperation on return and readmission and enhancing EU-North Africa countries cooperation.

Informal video conference of employment and social policy ministers, 15 March 2021

Ministers will hold debates on the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, equality in the EU, and policies in the context of Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Informal video conference of foreign affairs and home affairs ministers, 15 March 2021

Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Ministers will discuss the external dimension of the EU’s migration policy.

Informal video conference of economic and finance ministers, 16 March 2021

Ministers will discuss the state of play on digital taxation and issues related to economic recovery in Europe. They will also focus on the conclusions on the retail payments strategy and international meetings.

Informal video conference of health ministers, 16 March 2021

Ministers will discuss the way ahead in relation to COVID-19 and Europe’s beating cancer plan.

Informal video conference of environment ministers, 18 March 2021

Ministers will exchange views on the role of the Recovery and Resilience Facility in the context of Greening the European Semester. Ministers will also hold a policy debate on batteries and waste batteries and an exchange of views on the Strategy on adaptation to climate change.


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