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European rail safety days 2021

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Start date : 03/11/2021

End date : 05/11/2021


Porto, Portugal

European Railway Agency, Other bodies and agencies,

Security and defence, Transport and travel,

Following the successful safety summit in 2018, the EU agency for railways (ERA) will organise the European rail safety days on 3-5 November 2021 in Porto, in cooperation with Portugal.

The event aims to inspire, offer networking opportunities and exchange knowledge across the industry. It is a unique opportunity for European rail leaders and professionals to meet and reflect on the safety developments within and outside the sector. Sharing cross-industry lessons to drive cultural change is paramount to accomplish the goal of Europe as world leader in railway safety.

Conference topics will be:

  • Cultural changes: create a common understanding of the European railway safety culture model and how it can be used as a framework to achieve sustainable and safe performance
  • Safety leadership: design and implement initiatives to develop safety leadership skills targeting rail safety managers at all levels
  • Maintenance of the railway system: how to consider the maintenance partners as stakeholders in railway safety.

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