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ECDC Director discusses agency’s mandate on “European Health Union Now!” podcast

A strengthened mandate for ECDC is included in the European Health Union legislative package proposed by the European Commission, and is currently under negotiation in the European Council and the European Parliament.

What would a new mandate for ECDC involve in the context of pandemic surveillance, preparedness, and response? How could a strengthened ECDC mandate better protect Europeans and support Member States? And how does this proposal fit into a larger framework with a more ambitious vision of working closely together in solidarity on future health threats in Europe?

In the podcast, Andrea Ammon also shares some of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses the need for after-action reviews and close collaboration across borders. She highlights the urgency of additional investment in public health and a new generation of dedicated public health professionals. Finally, she finally reflects on the importance of establishing trust, creating a dialogue through community engagement, and the role ECDC has played in addressing the so-called “infodemic”.


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