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CEPOL webinar on the protection of victims of terrorism

The aim of this webinar, organised by the EU agency for law enforcement training (CEPOL), is to enable law enforcement officers active in counter-terrorism to deal in appropriate ways with victims of terrorism.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • explain the peculiarities and particularities of terrorism which may be relevant for victims of crime
  • outline the psychological and psychosocial impact of terrorism in society in general and on victims in particular
  • distinguish between primary and secondary victims, and between primary and secondary victimisation
  • describe the types of support for victims through different stages of response to terrorism and the role of law enforcement officers therein.

This webinar will prove useful for law enforcement officials working in the field of counter-terrorism and police psychologists as well as any other type of victim support workers within law enforcement.

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