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Article – Coming up: EU recovery, vaccines, sustainable tourism


The health and research committees will look into ways to boost Covid-19 vaccine production and improve delivery with industry representatives on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the trade committee will discuss EU measures regarding transparency and authorisation of exports of Covid-19 vaccines.

Check out our timeline to find out how the EU is tackling the coronavirus pandemic in 2021.

Cooperation between parliaments

MEPs and their national counterparts from EU countries, candidate member states and observer countries will talk about the economic, budgetary and social challenges in recovering from the coronavirus pandemic on Monday.

Sustainable tourism and maritime transport

Tourism is one of sectors most affected by the pandemic. The transport and tourism committee will vote on a report on Wednesday calling for measures to support the sector during the crisis and make tourism more sustainable in the long-run.

On Thursday, the committee will vote on a report proposing measures to create more efficient and cleaner maritime transport.

Disinformation and social media

On Monday, the foreign interference committee will debate measures to counter foreign interference and disinformation, including possible regulation of social media wit Thierry Breton, the commissioner reponsible for the internal market; and Nato representatives. MEPs called on the EU to step up its efforts to regulate social media while protecting freedom of expression during the February plenary session.


On Tuesday, the industry, research and energy committee will vote on a report calling for EU legislation on data to support European innovation while ensuring data protection. The following day, the education committee will vote on proposals on shaping digital education policy to ensure EU education is adapted to the pandemic, recovery and digital and green transitions.

Abortion rights and rule of law in Poland

On Wednesday, the civil liberties and women’s rights committees will hold a hearing on the impact of attacks on women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Poland, and explore the link with the deteriorating rule of law situation in the country. Parliament said in November that the de facto ban of abortion in Poland puts women’s lives at risk.


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