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Ecuador presents the initiative to create an organization of Megadiverse Countries

Ecuador presents the initiative to create an organization of Megadiverse Countries

On this matter, Foreign Minister Manrique highlighted that “President Lasso’s proposal constitutes a pioneering step for multilateralism, not only in the environmental field but also in other areas of the international agenda”, contributing to improving the awareness about the need for changes in global production and consumption systemsand regarding the mechanisms of our biodiversityprotection.This proposal is part of the Ecuadorian initiatives linked to its ecological transition policy, which looks foralternatives to move towards sustainable development with a balance between humans and nature.
The scientific criteria for being considered a megadiverse country determines that its territory must be home to at least 5.000 endemic plant species and marine ecosystems. Together, megadiverse countries contain 70% of the flora and fauna species recognized worldwide, many of which are endemic and provide essential services for life on the planet.
This organization is aiming to exchange experiences and good practices, as well as strengthening cooperation and coordination with the Member States, having in mind thatthe protection of this unique diversity and the equitable and fair use of the related resources, including genetic ones, is an important priority.
Ecuador is widely recognized for its commitment to environmental multilateralism and its initiatives in the fight against climate change, the loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, deforestation and pollution of all kinds, especially that coming from plastics.
The Government of Ecuador presented on April 10, 2023, its proposal to create an organization of megadiverse countries, during a meeting held between President Guillermo Lasso, Foreign Minister Gustavo Manrique,and fifteen ambassadors from the states that have this environmental category

The meeting at the Carondelet Palace was attended -in person or by video conference- by the ambassadors and representatives from Brazil, Colombia, China, the United States, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Philippines, India, Madagascar, Malaysia, New Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Africa. The Envoys of these states showed their interest in the Ecuadorian initiative considering its potential to face of the challenges of today´s environmental crisis.
Unlike other integration spaces based on economic, geographic, or development level criteria, «the new organization would be based on a new and perhaps more important form of wealth: the natural wealth of megadiversity,» emphasized Minister Manrique.



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