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Ukrainians to watch popular Danish TV shows

How is the classic Danish TV show “Taxa” related to Ukraine?

In the years to come, this question will be answered, as two Danish broadcasters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have agreed to an extensive project, promoting the recently-established National Public Broadcaster of Ukraine (NPBU).

Since NPBU does not have the funds to buy foreign TV shows, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the networks DR and TV2 have decided to contribute more than 100 hours of quality TV shows. That way, NPBU will be able to attract viewers and raise awareness of its independent news broadcasting.   

Independent news
As a young democracy, whose media experience external pressure, Ukraine needs a proper public service broadcaster. By investing in NPBU, Denmark seeks to improve Ukraine’s ability to deliver critical and independent news for its citizens – on radio, TV and online, as well as on social media. 

Being financially dependent on advertisers, NPBU needs to attract viewers and increase its market share in order to maintain income. Therefore the Danish TV shows are crucial in establishing a strong and popular brand.

From 2012 to 2016, Denmark contributes a total of EUR 6.7 million via the NIRAS/MYMEDIA programme. In addition, experts from DR and TV2 will assist NPBU with know-how and experience in an array of fields, including IT, technology, journalism, HR and financial affairs. As part of the programme, NPBU will be able to establish a modern digital news platform that can deliver independent, high-quality news.

Besides the push for improved public service media, Denmark supports rule of law improvements in Ukraine by more than EUR 8 million.

To learn more about the NIRAS/MYMEDIA programme in Ukraine, go to http://mymedia.org.ua/en/


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