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The Government launches a new stabilisation support package to Iraq and Syria

The Danish Government now strengthens its effort to stabilise Syria and Iraq through a new regional stabilisation support package worth approx. DKK 333 million. The stabilisation package will, amongst other things, serve to re-establish basic services for the suffering civilian population – and pave the way for more civilian Iraqis and Syrians returning home.

“Denmark has long played a leading role in terms of delivering immediate humanitarian relief to the civilian population in Syria, Iraq and their neighbouring areas, who is suffering from the war and the emergence of ISIL. However, food and medicine alone does not solve the problem. There is an equally large need for more long-term investments in stabilisation and basic rebuilding in the newly liberated areas of Iraq and the opposition-controlled areas of Syria”, says Kristian Jensen, elaborating:

“The need will only increase as ISIL is gradually being forced back by the international coalition. As a result, we now increase our efforts and support to e.g. demining residential areas and the supply of electricity, water and education. The aim is to assist ordinary people in returning to their ordinary lives. And we will continue to support Syrian civil society organisations in promoting a democratic Syria”.
Besides support to the rebuilding effort, the new stabilisation support package comprises a number of initiatives to help cover Syria’s short-term needs

”The on-going attacks by the Syrian regime on the civilian population has forced hundreds of thousands of families from their homes and livelihoods. The rest risk losing their lives every day. That is why we support the Free Syrian Police and the Syrian Civil Defence, White Helmets, who deliver an absolutely unequalled effort to rescue civilian Syrians from bombed-out buildings”, says Kristian Jensen.

Through the new stabilisation support package, the Danish government contributes to improving the situation for the Syrian population here-and-now; however, Kristian Jensen underlines that this contribution naturally does not solve the Syrian conflict.

“We will thus continue to put pressure on the conflicting parties to cease fighting, not least in Aleppo, and secure emergency aid to the Syrian people. We will also support the negotiations for a political solution through the UN Special Envoy, de Mistura – although the prospect for a political solution is currently looking very bleak”, ends the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The new stabilisation support package will comprise approx. DKK 320 million over the next three years, out of which . DKK 128.5 million is to be used in 2016. The stabilisation support package is primarily funded by means from the Peace and Stabilisation Fund. Specific programme activities have been funded as follows:

Syria: Syria Recovery Trust Fund (DKK 20m), White Helmets (DKK 60m), police and justice sector programme (DKK 49m), the UN Special Envoy to Syria (DKK 4m), Syrian civic society centre in Southern Turkey (DKK 10m), the Syrian civic society organisation The Day After (DKK 10m).

Iraq: the UN’s Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilisation (DKK 94m), the UN’s mine clearing work (DKK 66m), American-led mine clearing work in the Anbar Province (DKK 6.5m).

Besides the stabilisation programme, Denmark continues to contribute massively to the humanitarian effort in Iraq, Syria and their neighbouring areas.

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