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The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs attends large Arctic Conference: The Arctic is a high priority for the Danish Government

“It is a high priority for me – and the Danish government – that we work towards a strengthened effort in the Arctic and the cooperation in the unity of the Realm. It is therefore of great importance, that we in the Danish Government prioritize to be present in Arctic fora such as the Arctic Circle Assembly” the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod explains.

The Arctic Circle Assembly takes place in Reykjavik with high-level participation from the Arctic countries. This year, among others, the Prime Ministers of Iceland, Finland and the Premier of Greenland, Kim Kielsen will attend. Furthermore, high-level representatives from the United States, Russia and China will participate just as the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria is present at the conference – and the Minister for Foreign Affairs represents Denmark. In addition, close to 2,000 politicians, business people and scientists participate in the conference to discuss current topics on development in the Arctic.

“I will meet my colleagues from Greenland and the Faroe Islands. But also with business people, scientists and indigenous peoples, who all take an active part in the dialogue on the development of the Arctic” Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod says.

In recent years, security policy in the Arctic has been a high priority on the international agenda, and this is reflected on the agenda at the Arctic Circle Assembly. But Kofod says that the Arctic should not only be regarded as a security challenge.

“For the Arctic population and not least Greenland, it is to a large extent about the everyday life. It is about sustainable economic development, about climate and living conditions. These are also factors that will become the bearing foundation for the Kingdom of Denmark’s forthcoming new strategy for the Arctic that will be prepared in close cooperation with Greenland and the Faroe Islands,” Kofod says.

According to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the goal is to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for the Arctic indigenous peoples. And so, Kofod takes the opportunity at the conference to introduce an innovation competition for young people in the Arctic to promote these positive agendas.  

This is done in a partnership between the unity of the Realm and Iceland. The competition is set to launch in 2020 and the winners will be announced at next year’s Arctic Circle Assembly.

The Arctic Circle Assembly was established in 2013 and takes place every autumn in Reykjavik.

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