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New report focuses on digital instruments in the fight against corruption

Digitalization provides new tools to fight corruption, but it is not always without risks. As part of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Bella Center, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation will present the conclusions from the report “Code to Integrity: Digital avenues to anti-corruption – also for her!”
Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs states:

”With digital technologies we now have new tools to fight corruption. With this report we wish to start a discussion about potentials and dilemmas. On one hand there are enormous possibilities and on the other hand we should not forget the risk that comes along with them. The report has special focus on how the use of technology can risk enhancing existing divisions between men and women in developing countries. Simply because women in general has less access to internet, mobile technology and digital solutions. This imbalance has to be considered from the start, so we remember to include women, when we bring into play digital solutions – also in anti-corruption initiatives.”
The report has special focus on how men and women are affected differently when technology is used to fight corruption. Women in developing countries generally have less access to technology than men do, and women are more often than men working in the informal economy, which is difficult to digitalize. The report therefore points to some of the dilemmas that follows, when new technologies are applied.

The report gathers a range of examples on how digitalization can be used in the fight against corruption. Crowdsourcing gives new opportunities for whistleblowing and anonymous reporting of corruption. Blockchain technology can create increased transparency in administration of landownership and financial transactions. Digitalization of public procurement and public services reduces opportunities for corruption in the digitalized parts of the process.

The report will be presented today at 15.30 in Bella Center and can be downloaded here.

There is also a short film, that presents the main findings of the report. The film can be found here
The report has been initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and written by external consultants.

On 22-24 October Denmark is hosting the world largest anti-corruption conference, International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), in cooperation with Transparency International and IACC Council.

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