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Kristian Jensen: We take on extra responsibility

Today, the Government has presented a comprehensive package to manage the European migration crisis.

Kristian Jensen states:
“We are in the midst of a historical crisis. It calls for a bold response and for everyone in the EU to contribute to lifting this task. In presenting the package today, we are sending a clear message that Denmark is ready to take on extra responsibility in solving the extraordinary migration crisis that Europe is facing”.

We are faced with an overwhelming and complex challenge. We need to address the challenge both domestically and internationally. With our package, we are boosting our already strong efforts in support of the refugees in Syria’s neighbouring countries, we are strengthening the integration of the refugees who come to Denmark, and we are contributing to mitigating the current migration pressure in Europe. “

The Government has allocated additional 750 million DKK for emergency relief in neighbouring countries and prevention of migration from Africa and the Middle East. 250 million DKK is allocated as part of the Danish humanitarian assistance, for instance, to provide support through Danish NGO’s to relieve immediate distress and create better opportunities in the regions in and around Syria. The funds can also be used to strengthen the Danish-led European regional development and protection programme that focuses on strengthening protection and livelihoods in neighboring countries to Syria – i.e. Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. 500 million DKK is allocated as an extraordinary contribution that primarily is intended to support the EU’s total migration package. How the contribution is to be used will be fleshed out later, but it may include support for inter alia humanitarian efforts, the new registration centers or hotspots in frontline states and EU’s trust fund for Syria and the proposed trust fund for Africa. The funds can also be used to support frontline states such as Greece, Hungary and Italy in dealing with the situation in a more effective manner. It is also possible fund activities that contribute to the fight against human trafficking and in support of partnerships with a number of third countries that facilitate the return of their own nationals, who are staying illegally in the EU.

With this initiative, the total Danish humanitarian assistance to the Syria crisis in 2015 now stands at 459 million DKK. In 2013 and 2014 the totals were 387 million DKK and 329 million DKK respectively.

As part of today’s proposal the government is offering the other EU countries to accept 1,000 refugees from the registration centers to be established in the frontline states, if such an offer can help secure agreement on a common European solution.

For further information contact:
Peter Hoyer, Special Advisor, tel .: 61979042
Dorte Mikkelsen, Press Officer, tel .: 50778698


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