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Denmark renews its engagement in Palestine

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, launches a new strategy for Denmark’s continued engagement in Palestine (2016-2020). The Danish engagement in Palestine is based on a broad consensus within the Danish Parliament to support the objective of a two-state solution.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, states:

“Denmark will support every step that can bring peace and a two-state solution closer. It is obvious that the main initiative must come from the two parties themselves, but we can contribute by supporting the efforts to build a future viable, contiguous and democratic Palestinian state.

Therefore, our engagement until 2020 includes a focus on strengthening the Palestinian National Authority’s public institutions and service provision as well as promoting economic development under challenging circumstances, so Palestinians have the possibility of creating a better life. At the same time, our engagement includes an increased focus on improving Human Rights in Palestine.”

The Country Policy Paper establishes the strategic framework of Denmark’s overall engagement from 2016 until 2020 and encompasses both development engagements and humanitarian assistance. The paper also reflects an increased Danish focus on Human Rights in relation to the conflict, both at the political level and regarding the development activities.

In the coming years, the focus of the Danish development engagement will be directed towards strengthening public institutions, enhancing economic development and improving Human Rights and democratic accountability in Palestine.

The Danish development engagement is expected to be DKK 445 million from 2016-2020. Furthermore, Denmark will maintain humanitarian assistance to over 5 million Palestinian refugees in the region with annual contributions to UNRWA of DKK 70 million. The work of UNRWA has for more than 65 years supported Palestinian refugees in the region, which has played a key part in preventing further uprooting.

Danish engagement in Palestine is based on a broad political consensus in Parliament to support the objective of a two-state solution and is closely related to the efforts of the international community to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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