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Danish assistance to Italy

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs received an official request for assistance from the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs on 1 April 2020, citing the critical health situation in Italy. Following a thorough assessment of the national capacity needs by the relevant authorities, this evening the Danish Government offered the following assistance to Italy: 

  • A number of ventilators from the stocks of Danish Defence. The relevant authorities are currently assessing the exact number of ventilators that can be removed from the emergency response stocks.
  • Deployment of an unstaffed field hospital from the Danish Emergency Management Agency. Through dialogue with Italy, Denmark will determine the extent to which these facilities are needed and useful.
  • A direct Danish contribution of €1 million (approximately 7.5 million DKK) to the Italian Red Cross, which can be used to fund activities such as the purchase of personal protective equipment and ambulance operation.

Danish authorities will also engage in dialogue with their Italian counterparts regarding other possible needs for Danish contributions, such as logistical assistance, sanitation teams, etc.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod says:
“Denmark will always help our friends and allies. Therefore, I am pleased that we are now able to offer assistance to our Italian friends. We are providing a strong helping hand and a wide range of contributions.

These contributions are based on assessments by the relevant Danish authorities. This is the responsible way to handle the situation. We never take any chances when it comes to the health of Danes or the capacity of the Danish health service. The same applies for Denmark’s special commitment to the Danish Realm. If Greenland or the Faroe Islands need help, Denmark must always be able to assist. We must also maintain the capacity to provide this help. 

Denmark is very actively engaged in the international cooperation to fight the coronavirus. This includes our efforts in the EU, in NATO and in the Nordic cooperation. We are pulling together and we are actively contributing.”

Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen says:
“Throughout Europe, health services are under great pressure and the demand for healthcare resources is high. Italy is especially hard hit, and it is of course important that we try to help a nation close to us that asks for help. Danish Defence and the Danish Emergency Management Agency have limited healthcare resources, so it was important to conduct a thorough medical assessment of the extent to which we can do without this capacity in Denmark and the Danish Realm. I am very pleased that we have the ability to help Italy in these difficult times.”

Minister for Health and Elderly Affairs Magnus Heunicke says:
“When we see the pictures and hear the reports coming from Italy, it makes a huge impression. Any government would do everything in its power to avoid the situation that Italy is currently experiencing. Therefore, it is quite natural that Denmark is also providing assistance.”

A dialogue will now commence with Italy regarding the specific details of the package, including conclusion of the assessment of how many ventilators in the Danish emergency response stocks can be provided for use by Italy.

For additional press information
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark press desk: pressevagten@um.dk, +4561979247
The Danish Ministry of Defence press desk: +4572810400
The Danish Ministry of Health press desk: pressevagt@sum.dk, +4521324727


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