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Change of Danish travel guides to prevent further Corona infection in Denmark

As announced at a press conference in the Prime Minister’s Office on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now making a major change to its travel advice to prevent getting more infected Danish citizens back from abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to change the security level in all of the travel advice, which until Friday have been “green” to “yellow”. The change concerns the travel advice for a large number of countries in Europe and countries that many Danish citizens visit.

The change means that all Danish travel advice now as a minimum recommend travelers to exercise extra caution. When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides to go from “green” to “yellow” in these countries, it is based on a precautionary principle, which is about preventing further infection in Denmark.

If you travel to countries that have the security level “yellow”, be extra careful. “Yellow” does not mean that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advice against traveling to the area. The Danish Health Authority does not recommend that you stay home for 14 days after traveling to “yellow” countries.

The Danish Health Authority recommendation to stay home after returning home applies only to areas that is categorized with a “red” security level due to Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreaks. These countries or areas can be found in the overview on the front page of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website www.um.dk.

What does it mean to be “extra careful”?

The change in travel advice from “green” to “yellow” means that you should be extra careful before and during travel. This means that you should:

• Check the travel advice for the country you are traveling to or through.

• Follow Danish Health Authority advice to reduce the risk of being infected.

• Stay up to date on health conditions and local government’s measures on Danish embassies’ websites as well as through local authorities, news media and your travel agency.

• Remember to check your travel insurance.

If you are a Danish citizen, we encourage you to download the app Rejseklar and sign up for Danskerlisten if you are traveling abroad. You can find the app in Appstore or Google Play.

You can find more information about the Danish authorities’ actions and recommendations for Danish citizens, companies, institutions, etc. at www.coronasmitte.dk.

The technical update of the individual travel advice on um.dk and the embassies’ websites will take place over the next days.


In determining the security levels in the travel advice, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ department for consular assistance uses the following criteria:

• A precautionary principle – to prevent us from getting more infected returns to Denmark from abroad.

• A health professional assessment of disease outbreaks and risk of infection in individual countries. It is carried out regularly by the National Board of Health.

• An assessment of the consequences that disease outbreaks and the risk of infection in a given country can have for an ordinary Danish traveler in the country, e.g. freedom of movement, risk of quarantine and local hospital conditions.


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