The Center of Investigations for the Animal Improvement of the Tropical Livestock (CIMAGT), main organizing entity, the Investigations Center of Pastures and Forages, the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA) and the Livestock Business Group (GEGAN) are pleased to invite you to participate in the VI International Congress on Animal Breeding 2022. Science for Livestock that will be held from November 15 to 18, 2022 at the Havana Conventions Palace.

On this occasion, the event will be developed in the face-to-face and virtual modalities, respecting the sanitary measures of distance and the sanitary protocols approved in the country. The event will be a propitious framework for the celebration of the V International Workshop on Animal Genetic Resources. l International Workshop on Buffalo. II International Sheep and Goat Symposium (OC). IV International Symposium on Agroecological Livestock (SIGA 2022) and IX International Workshop on Phytogenetic Resources (FITOGEN 2022).


1. Management and reproduction of ruminants and monogastrics.

2. Methods for estimating the genetic value of animals.

3. Reproductive biotechnologies.

4. Genetic markers and ancestry control.

5. Development, conservation and efficient use of animal genetic resources.

6. Nutrition and reproduction in cattle. Alternatives of feeding systems.

7. Environmental sustainability, climate change and energy efficiency.

8. Training, extensionism, local development and productive linkages.

9. Science, technology and innovation management.

10. Collection, identification, characterization, evaluation and conservation of phytogenetic resources.

11. Research methodology, designs, sampling and statistical analysis.

12. Biotechnology applied to plant genetic resources.

13. Participatory breeding and community work in the rescue and use of phytogenetic resources.

14. Education, training and dissemination for the rescue, conservation and use of phytogenetic resources.

15. Use of phytogenetic resources in sustainable agricultural and livestock production.

16. Isolation, characterization and selection of beneficial microorganisms, organic fertilizers, green fertilizers and other related agro-ecological technologies.

17. Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

18. Use of precision agriculture in the planning and design of farms and livestock farm areas.

19. Intellectual Property

20. Food preservation

21. Protein plants

22. Milk and meat production and agro-ecology

23. Silvopastoralism

24. Seed production

The International Meeting on Biofertilizers, Organic Fertilizers and Biostimulants (BIOABONO’2022) will be held within the framework of FITOGEN 2022.

It will be a space to share and promote the experiences accumulated by specialists, researchers, professors and producers from different latitudes, related to the improvement, conservation, utilization and characterization of natural resources and tropical animal production systems, their technical, economic, ecological and social sustainability. In addition, there will be an exhibition fair with scientific results, technical services and productive technologies that will facilitate an exchange among participants.

The sponsors of the event, together with prestigious scientific institutions of the country, will offer their usual hospitality to all participants, with a program that harmoniously combines the technical and productive aspects with the opportunity to learn about the natural, cultural and human wealth that the region treasures.

We look forward to your presence.

Best Regards

Dr.C Ramon Denis Garcia

President of the Organizing Committee


President of the Organizing Committee: Dr.C Ramon Denis Garcia denis@cima-minag.cu

President of the Scientific Committee: Dr.C Jorge Acosta Albiol sreproduccion@cima-minag.cu

Executive Secretary: MSc. Danay Sosa Mirabal dirdesarrollo@cima-minag.cu.

Abstracts and presentation of papers

Those interested in making presentations should send an abstract in Spanish or English to the e-mail address mejoranimalcuba@gmail.com with a copy to the e-mail addresses of the Organizing Committee denis@cima-minag.cu and the Scientific Committee sreproduccion@cima-minag.cu.

The interested party may request to the Scientific Committee the modality of the presentation (oral, poster); however, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to define it and will communicate it to the author in due time.

Rules for the presentation of Abstracts

1. Title (not to exceed 15 words, written in capital letters and bold).

2. Authors (including affiliation and contact information for each author).

3. Abstract (not to exceed 250 words).

4. Key words (5 to 7)

The abstract should clearly and briefly express the objectives and scope of the study, materials and methods, main results and conclusions. Images, tables, formulas, complex symbols or acronyms should not be included in the body of the abstract. They should be presented in Microsoft Word, using Arial 12 pts font on letter size paper with 2.5 cm margins on all four sides and single spacing. The document should be saved in Word Document and should not exceed one page.

Abstracts should be sent to mejoranimalcuba@gmail.com before April 15, 2022. The Organizing Committee will make the selection and will inform the authors if they have been accepted before April 30, 2022.

Each paper will be assigned the day and time of its presentation in the scientific program. The author will be present at the appointed time (either virtual or in person) to present the paper and answer possible questions from the participants.

The Organizing Committee will publish in electronic format and with ISBN in the Proceedings of the VI Congress on Animal Breeding the full papers of the authors who wish to do so. Once the acceptance of the abstract has been communicated, those interested should send the full paper before May 31, 2022. Papers received after this date are not guaranteed to be published in the proceedings of the event.

Guidelines for the presentation of extended papers in the Proceedings of the VI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ANIMAL IMPROVEMENT 2022.

1. Title (not to exceed 15 words, written in capital letters and bold).

2. Authors (including affiliation and contact information for each author).

3. Abstract (not to exceed 250 words).

4. Keywords (from 5 to 7)

5. Introduction

6. Materials and Methods

7. Results

8. Discussion

9. Conclusions

10. Bibliography

11. A table or figure within the text


Maximum length of extended papers: Maximum 10 pages. Use Arial 12 pt. font. Letter size paper with 2.5 cm margins on all four sides and single spacing.

The Organizing Committee of the Congress is not responsible for the content of the papers. Contributions that do not meet the requirements will be automatically eliminated without any claim by the authors.


The Scientific Committee of the corresponding congress will be responsible for reviewing, evaluating, selecting and approving the papers. Papers that do not comply with the above rules will not be evaluated.

Once accepted, the authors will send their papers in extensions for publication in the Congress Proceedings to the following e-mail address:

dirdesarrollo@cima-minag.cu with copy to revista.cimagt@cima-minag.cu


The VI International Congress on Animal Breeding will include keynote lectures, workshops, symposia, round tables with the participation of personalities related to the topics of the event, and prestigious researchers and professors.

Oral presentations will generally have 15 minutes for presentation and discussion and will be organized according to the type of modality for which they are approved: panels, round tables and special thematic sessions. Poster papers will be displayed in an area designated for poster presentation, which will be presented in a 95 cm (horizontal width) and 150 cm (vertical length) format.


MSc. Danay Sosa Mirabal

Executive Secretary.

VI International Congress on Animal Breeding.

Ave 101 No 6214 e/ 62 y 100, Loma de Tierra, Cotorro, La Havana, Cuba.

Phone: +53 7682 6512

Cell phone: +53 52177827

E-mail: mejoranimalcuba@gmail.com

Angel Salabarría Lay

Professional Congress Organizer

Havana Convention Center

Telephone: +53 7203 8958

Email: angel@palco.cu


There will be an associated exhibition fair of technologies, projects and products in the livestock area. The Fair is aimed at promoting, comparing and showing products, services, projects and technologies related to the sustainable development of livestock and local development. International and national organizations, companies, universities, research centers, service centers, non-governmental organizations, tourism agencies, among others, will be exhibiting at the fair.

The fair will also include the launching of books and materials to support livestock programs and projects, among other activities. The Fair will be held from November 15 to 18, 2022 at the Main Lobby of the La Havana Conventions Palace.

Staff contacts for the associated Exposition

B.E Andry Forte

Export Specialist


Telephone. +53 7682 6512

Cell phone. +53 53168947

B. Katia Batista

Fairs and Exhibitions Organizer

Conventions Palace

Telephone. +53 7 2087541

E-Mail: katiabatista@palco.com


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