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US money is the lubricant for campaigns against Cuba

Washington, 1 March 2021, For Cuban-American lawyer Jose Pertierra, settled in this capital, the money coming from the US government is the main ‘lubricant’ to sustain the subversive campaigns waged against Cuba.

‘The lubricant of those campaigns is the money coming from Washington, millions of dollars,’ Pertierra said to the Radio Miami TV website, in an interview with Cuban American journalist Carlos Rafael Dieguez.

According to the attorney specialized in immigration issues, those disbursements from the White House have been investigated by US journalist Tracey Eaton, author of the Cuba Money Project blog, who documented those expenses by extreme right-wing organizations of Cuban emigrants in the US with ramifications inside the island.

‘Those organizations live off the money that comes from Washington and finance with much less money Cubans to write in allegedly independent newspapers although they are not, artists who are not happy with the Ministry of Culture, or ‘create’ artists, like Mr. Otero Alcantara doing his business on Facebook Live with a Cuban flag. All that is sponsored, it is not spontaneous,’ he commented.

According to the Cuba Money Project website, during the four years of the Trump’s administration (2017-2021), at least 54 groups that attack Cuba operated with money coming from USAID or the NED.

Source: Prensa Latina


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