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US-Cuba International Normalization Conference Concludes

Havana, March 21, 2022.- A call to lift the criminal blockade against Cuba was made by the United States-Cuba International Conference on Normalization, which met in New York, with representatives of organizations in solidarity with the Island, labor movements and participants from the US, Canada, Colombia and South Africa.
The meeting promoted actions of concerted solidarity and projection of work to condemn the sanctions against the Cuban Revolution, mainly those that intensify the economic, commercial and financial siege, such as the more than 243 measures under the mandate of President Donald Trump and that his successor Joe Biden maintains.
Messages from organizations from several countries arrived at the event demanding the cessation of hostilities against Cuba, and social networks were activated with greetings to the event.
At its inauguration, the permanent representative of Cuba to the UN, Pedro Luis Pedroso, thanked the countless displays of sensitivity and humanism towards the Cuban people. He invited the attendees to exchange on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and the advancement of women.
Teresa Amarelle Boué, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party and general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women, as well as other members of that organization, intervened in the panel on issues of the advancement of women and gender parity. There he was updated on the analysis process of the new Family Code in all the communities of Cuba and the National Program for the Advancement of Women.
The participants praised the information received and commented on the history of successive attacks by the White House tenants against the Cuban family, with which they have sought to overthrow the Revolution.
Clever Banganayi, from the Friends of Cuba coalition in South Africa, after listing the island’s support for the African peoples, demanded the cessation of the hostility policy.
Another of the participants in the closing day, Carlos Lazo, founder of the Puentes de Amor organization, addressed the history of aggressions by the different United States administrations against the Cuban family and highlighted the unjust prohibitions that prevent greater closeness between relatives in Cuba and the United States.
Change is not easy, he said, but we will continue the fight to maintain and create bridges of love between both peoples.
He also criticized the actions of the Government of Donald Trump (2017-2021) that today continues that of Joe Biden during the Covid 19 pandemic and specified that many in the United States join the request for the end of the blockade not as a political exercise but as a right and demand the end of the siege against Cubans.
Messages from organizations from various countries, including small Grenada, in the Caribbean, also came to the meeting of solidarity agreement and projection of work with the illegal punitive measures of the White House, demanding the cessation of the policy of hostility with Cuba.
Tamara Hansen, member of the Canadian Network on Cuba and coordinator in the city of Vancouver, Canada, urged to defeat the blockade and amplify international solidarity to defeat the US blockade.
She also advocated working for normalization between the two countries and the use of new technologies to spread the struggle in the United States and Canada of the solidarity movement. We need a strong international movement to meet the challenge of the blockade, she stressed.
The activist highlighted the work of Carlos Lazo and Puentes de Amor in revitalizing the global campaign against the blockade. Several speakers participated in the meeting, including Gail Walker, from Pastors for Peace, who valued the long history of struggle of various movements against the intensified blockade under the Trump government.
Cindy Domingo, from US Women and Cuba Collaboration, also intervened, who said that they are working on a resolution for the organization’s national convention demanding an end to the siege against Cuba.


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