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Union of Democratic Youth (Ashad) receives the Cuban Ambassador to Lebanon and delivers a message of solidarity

Beirut, November 15, 2021. In the framework of the week of solidarity organized by the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union and the youth sector of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in support of the Revolution and the Cuban people in their struggle and against imperialist projects, with the aim of hitting the stability of Cuba, the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union (ASHD) received on 11/15/2021 at its headquarters in the Mar Elias camp in Beirut, the Cuban ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Pellicer Moraga, at the head of a delegation of the Embassy. He was received by the Secretary General of the Union, Comrade Youssef Ahmed, and members of the leadership: Muhammad Hussein, Mahmoud Al-Shouni, Ibrahim Hassan, Mustafa Belqis and Ali Al-Adawi.

Comrade Youssef Ahmed delivered to the Cuban Ambassador a message of support and solidarity from the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union, addressed to the leadership of the Revolution and the Communist Youth of Cuba. He highlighted the support of the Palestinian youth to the Revolution, the Cuban people and youth in the confrontation to the aggressive imperialist policies, and considered that the conspiracy of chaos led by the US administration towards Cuba and its support to the agents inside the island is an expression of the strength of the Revolution and its constancy for more than 60 years. Whatever the United States is doing during this period will not weaken the determination of the Cuban people and its leadership, around which all the free peoples of the world are uniting against U.S. brutality and its unjust terrorist policy.

In its message, the Union renewed its confidence in the ability of the Cuban people and youth and the leadership of the revolution to defeat the conspiracy, preserve the achievements of the revolution and advance the march of progress, prosperity and success in all fields.

The Union of the Palestinian Democratic Youth also affirmed that the aggression against Cuba is an aggression against Palestine and its people, preserving Cuba’s positions and the support it provided to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people in all political, social, educational and humanitarian fields.

The Union referred to the Solidarity Week, in which it approved the culmination of a series of solidarity activities with Cuba, which will include many areas and camps with various activities and events in which Palestinian youth will express their loyalty to Cuba and their support for its revolution, people and youth.

In turn, Cuban Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexandre Pellicer Moraga, thanked the Palestinian Democratic Youth Union and the youth of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine for their activities and the week of solidarity with Cuba, stressing that Cuba is and will continue to be on the side of the Palestinian right and that it supports the struggle of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights.

He stressed that Cuba, its Revolution and its people will triumph over imperialist aggression, and all the conspiracies being hatched against it and the attempt to create chaos and destabilization will fail and be defeated, and that in vain the agents of imperialism are trying to strike at the achievements of the Revolution, and they will not be able to achieve their aggressive objectives because reason is the protective shield of the Revolution. (Embacuba Líbano/FDLP)


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