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TVJ acknowledges the work of Cuban nurses in the fight against COVID19 in Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica, 15 March 2021.- Interviewed by Television Jamaica (TVJ), Cuban nurse Maria Ofelia Hernández Rivera offered details about the health care provided to patients infected with COVID in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies, in this capital.

After referring to the bilateral cooperation between Cuba and Jamaica in the health sector, the professional from the Greatest Island in the Antilles expressed her satisfaction for the close cooperation existing between Cuban nurses and their Jamaican counterparts amidst the fight against COVID; as well as the dedication and high professionalism that characterize their work, in their incessant mission of saving lives.

Hernández Rivera is part of a contingent of 490 Cuban health professionals who currently serve in this sister Caribbean nation, and one of the thousands who have worked in Jamaica for more than four decades.

Nurses are a symbol of love, hope and full devotion. The World Health Organization declared 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, with the aim of recognizing the hard work they do for long hours, often under difficult conditions, to make universal health coverage a reality and improve patient care standards.


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