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Torches for Martí from the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica, 27 January 2021.- Following the tradition that began at midnight on January 27, 1953, on the advent of the centenary of José Martí’s birth, the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica lit the night with torches to honour the most universal of all Cubans on the 168th anniversary of his birth.

The symbolic ceremony was held by the entire group of that diplomatic mission after the call to continue carrying the Master’s doctrines in their hearts, and to be consistent with Marti’s and Fidel’s legacy.

Young Yelani García Arencibia read allegorical phrases to our National Hero and Leonardo Estevez, an Embassy official, recalled the intense life and work of the Cuban Apostle.

Martí’s ideals go beyond time, and they light us up through these difficult times the world is going through.


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