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The Embassy of Cuba in Riyadh gets ready for the popular consultation and referendum

 Riyadh, January 23rd – In the afternoon, the Circumscription Electoral Commission of the Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was constituted, in order to participate in the process of popular consultation and referendum on the Family Code, approved recently by the National Assembly of People’s Power.

In a simple and solemn ceremony, headed by Ambassador Vladimir Gonzalez Quesada, the members of the commission, Rebeca Fernandez Nuñez, as president; Dr. Suiberto Hechavarría Toledo, as Vice President; and Fernando Duque Gómez, as vocal, signed the oath.

Not only members of the Cuban diplomatic mission will participate in this important plebiscite, but also health collaborators hired in Saudi Arabia and located at the capital of this nation.

To contribute to the successful development of this process abroad, a special commission was set up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), which will be in charge of processing the proposals issued by the Embassies and by the collaborators. (EmbaCuba Arabia Saudita)


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