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Syrian Social Nationalist Party ratifies its support to Cuba in the struggle for its sovereignty and self-determination

Beirut, April 8, 2021. At the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in this capital, Ambassador Alexander Pellicer Moraga held a friendly meeting with Kaisar Obeid, head of International Relations of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. During the meeting, they exchanged views on the situation in Cuba, Lebanon, the region and the aggressive policy of the United States against countries that do not submit to its designs, in clear violation of international legality and the sovereignty of states.

Both parties agreed that Washington’s hostile and aggressive policy towards Cuba, and the economic and financial siege implemented by successive U.S. administrations since 1959, have not been able to break the Cuban people thanks to their firmness and unity with their leadership.

Obeid affirmed that his party has stood firmly by Cuba in its struggle for its sovereignty, self-determination and against the blockade imposed by the U.S. for almost 60 years. He also highlighted the island’s support for the cause of the Palestinian and Arab peoples against the Zionist occupation.

For his part, the Cuban Ambassador praised the positions of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, its credibility and its support for the causes of free peoples, especially for being a party of resistance against occupation, colonialism, terrorism and extremism. He also highlighted the historic relations between Cuba and Lebanon and the desire to continue working to develop and strengthen them for the benefit of both nations. (Embacuba Líbano)


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