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Stand out in Indonesia rejection to the US blockade against Cuba during a virtual panel with friends in Southeast Asia

Jakarta, October 4.- The digital newspaper “Republik Merdeka” published an article announcing the celebration of the virtual Panel “Cuba Will Win” among friends in Southeast Asia and representatives of the International Relations Directorate of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, the Union of Young Communists and the Cuban ambassadors accredited in this region.

The exchange, which brought together organizations of solidarity with Cuba, academics, journalists and political forces in Southeast Asia evidenced the rejection of the blockade imposed by the US against Cuba, the solidarity towards the small Caribbean nation and the recognition of the production of own vaccines against Covid-19.

The text includes the statements made by the Deputy Head of the Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Juan Carlos Marsán Aguilera, in which he asserted that the United States Government has taken advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to reinforce the blockade against Cuba and apply “maximum pressure measures.”

For his part, the vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Víctor Gaute López, thanked the various associations of Southeast Asia that are friends of Cuba, for their moral support and commitment to always accompany the Cuban people in the struggle for justice on the international stage, citing excerpts from his intervention:

 “Our struggle to continue building an increasingly just, inclusive and prosperous project is endless, despite the many limitations that beset us,” said Víctor Gaute López.

Reference is made to what Gaute commented in relation to two key words engraved in the minds of the Cuban people under the pressure of the current difficult economic conditions and the Pandemic, which are “Resist and advance.” He mentioned that in the midst of the economic and financial siege imposed by the United States Government and the pandemic, the best example of this has been the Cuban vaccines against Covid-19. “This is an achievement of our scientists, the work and the fruit of the Cuban Revolution; that today allows Cuba to make a big difference ”, he formulated.

 “From our Institute, we will not tire of thanking the permanent support of each of the organizations, institutions and the great Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Southeast Asia.”

In the final section of the article named: “Pressure gives birth to a new creative generation”, refers the intervention of the head of the Department of International Relations of the Union of Young Communists, Suniel Sosa Cordero, who stressed that his organization will continue to develop the relations with youth organizations in Southeast Asia.

He referred to the importance of strengthening this collaboration for the benefit of mutual learning, cooperation, the preservation of historical memory and the development of our ties, as a sign that geographical and cultural distance does not become an obstacle to the development of fraternal relationships. between like-minded countries, on the basis of unity and solidarity that are so much needed in these times.

Suniel Sosa Cordero stated that Cuban youth, although suffering the effects of the blockade, are not inactive. On the contrary, the difficulties they face have become an incentive to increase creativity, resistance capacity and confidence in the Revolution.

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia

Full article: https://dunia.rmol.id/read/2021/10/02/506563/partai-komunis-kuba-as-gunakan-covid-19-sebagai-alasan-untuk-memperkuat-blokade


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