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Sri Lanka’s People’s Liberation Front asks the United States stop lead Imperialist Plots. Let Cuba Live

Sri Lanka’s People’s Liberation Front asks the United States stop lead Imperialist Plots. Let Cuba Live

Sri Lanka, November 15, 2021, The People’s Liberation Front party of Sri Lanka issued a statement in support of the Revolution and the people of Cuba in which it strongly condemns the policy of the United States against Cuba and the illegal and inhuman blockade against Cuba.

Full statement:

Stop US lead Imperialist Plots! Respect sovereignty of

Nations! Let Cuba Live!

US administrations, who have been manipulating various schemes to undermine Cuba’s resoluteness in defending the Cuban Revolution and building Socialism in their country, have got its government to incite its stooges planted in Cuba to trigger an internal subversion in a bid to a regime change.

It shows the inability of imperialists to fathom the persevering and unshakable nature of a Nation that has liberated its country through a Revolution and is equipped with Socialist policies and practice.

Cuba has shown incredible resilience in the face of six decades of economic warfare by the US governments in the form of a blockade intended to strangle the economy and create hunger and hardship in an attempt to destabilize the country. Cuba that did not bow down to the vile agendas of the imperialists would never allow US imperialists to impose a regime change by force. We are definite that Cuba would not allow the conspiracy of the US government to succeed. Just as Cuba’s foreign minister Rodriguez says, “US policy against Cuba is destined to fail, it does not work, and it will never work.”

We believe the aggressor’s vile attempt to destabilize the country, by deploying right-wing, pro-blockade, and regime-change politicians and groups in the US and elsewhere and politicizing the migration process by hindering the normal flow of Cubans between both countries would be definitely defeated as Cuba has vowed to defeat the vile moves and respond to the provocations in strict compliance with Cuban legality.

Genocidal US blockade has not been able to stop the people’s friendly policies and programmes of the Cuban government. Even though inhuman US sanctions have banned the importation of syringes for the covid vaccination programme, Cuba has fully vaccinated over 70% of the population. Over 90 % of the population has been vaccinated at least from one dose. Cuba just started vaccination of age 2-12 very young children as one of the first countries to start such a programme.

Cuba has been an example of international solidarity. Despite all the difficulties, it got its medical brigades to visit various countries at a time as complicated as the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis it confronted due to the blockade. Even when the blockade prevented Cuba from importing raw materials even for its vaccine innovations, it invented five vaccines, including the world’s first conjugate vaccine for COVID-19.

Such international solidarity has helped Cuba to win many friends in the world. The support for Cuba’s attempt to get the unjust US blockade removed was overwhelmingly approved at the UN General Assembly recently by a vote of 184 against two. It is such a state that the US imperialists are trying to carry out a ‘regime change’ by various conspiratorial manipulations. Cuban people have the right to peace and sovereignty.

It is time the global community demanded that the US put an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade it has imposed for almost 60 years on Cuba and stop the conspiracy it is hatching for a regime change in Cuba. It should abide by the principles of the United Nations Charter, particularly non-interference in the internal affairs of States. The US should not forget that the overwhelming majority of the Global community has denounced the US blockade against Cuba for the last 30 years.

The blockade and the conspiracies by the US imperialists are causing great harm and suffering to all Cubans. The civilized world can no longer accept the perverted logic that interfering in internal affairs would defend the human rights of people in that country. Progressive people throughout the world should stand by the Cuban people and do their utmost to defend their right to peace and sovereignty.

We will always oppose imperialism, sanctions, and interferences with the progressive and left-oriented people globally. We will always be with the Cuban people and with the Cuban Revolution. US imperialism must take its hands off Cuba!

Down with inhuman, illegal, immoral US blockade & conspiracies!

Long live Cuban Revolution!


Department of International Affairs

People’s Liberation Front – JVP Sri Lanka


(EmbaCuba Sri Lanka)


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