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Solidarity with Cuba in the tribute acts at the Athens Polytechnic.

Athens, November 15. The José Martí Cultural Association of solidarity with Cuba, participated in an act of solidarity with the Cuban revolution within the framework of the commemoration of the student rebellion (1973) against the US-supported military dictatorship, known as the events of the polytechnic from Athens. With banners and shouts from below the blockade, and against US imperialism, the solidarity friends expressed their friendship and support for Cuba against the provocations of the enemies of the revolution.
Several organizations also took part in the event. Among them, representatives of the Greek chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH).
The revolt of the Polytechnic University of Athens in 1973 was a massive manifestation of popular opposition to the dictatorial regime of the Board of Colonels. The revolt that began on November 14, 1973, turned into an anti-junta revolution, and ended with the massacre on the morning of November 17, after a series of events that began with the entry of tanks into the Polytechnic. One of the tanks rolled over the iron door, while there were still students underneath. Soldiers and policemen opened live fire until the next day, resulting in a large number of deaths, not only around the Polytechnic, but also throughout Athens. Thousands of citizens were estimated to have been injured. Every year from November 15 to 17, activities are held at the polytechnic in tribute to those who fell in those events and against fascism and imperialism. The events end on the 17th with a great march from the polytechnic to the US Embassy in Athens.
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