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Solidarity with Cuba in Salamina, Greece

Athens, August 23. The Cuban ambassador to Greece Zelmys Maria Dominguez Cortina and the counselor / consul Jose Oriol Marrero Martinez, made a working visit to Salamina where they carried out various activities. They visited the workshop of the prestigious artist Takis Varelas, vice president, of the Greek initiative for the Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve brigade, accompanied by Velisarios Kossivakis, Coordinator, of the initiative.
Takis Varelas was the creator of the collectible album with 12 original paintings, in solidarity with the Cuban people, where it is reaffirmed in its title: “Cuba is not alone” – It is a solidarity sample from whose sale all the money will be donated to the people of Cuba by the established routes.
In his workshop, Takis explained his pictorial work, his motivations, his different themes, where the history and reality of the Greek people prevail, to which is added his work in solidarity with the peoples of the world such as the Cuban people, whom he deeply admires.
Meetings were also held with militants of the Communist Party (KKE) and the Communist Youth (KNE) of Greece in Salamina, where the current situation in Cuba was explained, the solidarity of the Greek friends with the Cuban people and their permanent condemnation of the criminal US blockade against Cuba.
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