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Send greetings to the “pioneros”, cuban girl residing in Dominica.

Roseau, Dominica. As part of the small community of Cubans residing in Dominica, the minor Kristy Wanton Leyva, 9 years old, sent today Aril 4th, a drawing made by her, on the occasion of anniversary of the creation of the “Organización de Pioneros José Martí” (OPJM).

The minor resides in Dominica with her grandparents, the Cubans Rogelio Leyva Ochoa and Georgina Estévez Díaz, and she is in the 3rd grade of primary school. In her drawing, dedicated to “Pioneros” cuban day, she appears drawn between the national symbols of the Cuban shield and flag, with her mask put on as protection against COVID – 19, saying the phrase “I love Cuba”. Her drawing is an expression of the affection and love that she feels for her homeland and for her little companions in Cuba, whom she fondly remembers in these Caribbean lands.

The OPJM is the mass student organization that brings together the youngest generation of Cubans and contributes to creating interest in study in children, strengthening their love for the homeland and all the peoples of the world; creating habits of social responsibility, as well as moral qualities such as a sense of honor, modesty, courage and camaraderie.



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