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Press release CUBA VIVE!
Representation of the Network for the Defense of Humanity (Greek chapter) was present on the first day of celebration for the anniversary of the popular uprising of the Polytechnic school that took place on November 17, 1973 against the dictatorship of the colonels in Greece. It was the first day after the three days of celebration. It distributed material related to the struggles of the Cuban people, who continue to defend, their revolution, their political and social conquests.
The significance of the anniversary of the uprising of students and workers against the board of colonels and the American-inspired military dictatorship (1967-1974), 48 years after the moment, reminds us when the youth were unarmed in front of the tanks. The Polytechnic school is not an anniversary, but a living memory, the historical thread that connects the struggles of our people for decades for bread and freedom with all the peoples of the world.
The international solidarity of the peoples against North American imperialism is an invincible weapon of the peoples. The Cuban revolution continues to be an important beacon for all the peoples of the world who are fighting for dignity, popular sovereignty, and 21st century socialism. The Greek section of REDH (Network for the defense of humanity) was on the first day of the celebrations for the uprising of the Polytechnic so that the red thread of history from heroic Cuba and its people is at the point where the peoples they unite, their anti-imperialist struggles and their legitimate


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