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President of Cuba congratulates Saint Lucia on the occasion of its Independence Anniversary.

The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Diaz Canel sent two messages of congratulations for the 42nd anniversary of Saint Lucia’s independence to His Excellency, the Governor General, Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac and to the Honorable Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.  In the messages, which were sent through the diplomatic channel of the Embassy of Cuba, the Cuban President was pleased to send warm wishes and congratulations because of this important historical date and at the same time wishing peace and prosperity to the brotherly people of Saint Lucia and their Government.

On the other hand, the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, also sent a message of congratulations to the Honourable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Minister with responsibility for External Affairs, to whom, he offered the warmest congratulations and reiterated the willingness to continue expanding the relations between our respective peoples and governments.

In addition, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) added their own congratulations for Saint Lucia’s independence. Said institution sent a congratulatory message to Marlene Alexander, President of the Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia – Cuba) in which it reaffirms their commitment to continue developing the relations of brotherhood between the two peoples and expressed appreciation for the gestures of solidarity and support for Cuba.

This year full of challenges that have put our capacity to fight and resist to the test; the relations of solidarity, cooperation and friendship between the two countries have been strengthened. It has been, in this manner, a source of pride for Cuba that 123 Cuban Health Specialists work  alongside their Saint Lucian colleagues in the fight against Covid-19 and in the improvement of the health care system.

Cuba has maintained the Scholarship program, despite the difficulties imposed by Covid-19.  We keep the developments of the bilateral cooperation in other areas such as infrastructure, sports and education.

Cuba deeply appreciates the position of solidarity of Saint Lucia in demanding the lifting of the commercial, financial and economic blockade of the United States, which during this last period has been reinforced from Washington to indecent limits.
Cuba will always remain at the side of Saint Lucia and we will continue to work together so that kisses and hugs return to our lives sooner rather than later.
On behalf of the Cuban Government, the Cuban people, and also on behalf of all the Cuban health collaborators working in St Lucia, the Cuban Embassy would like to reaffirm the sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of Saint Lucia’s independence and the best wishes for a future of peace and progress.

Viva Cuba y Viva Saint Lucia together!!!


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