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Musical concert for the 110th anniversary of relations between Cuba and Denmark.

On the occasion of the 110th Anniversary of the bilateral relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Kingdom of Denmark, a Musical Concert took place in the sports facility of the city of Slagelse, one hundred km south-east of Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand.

The concert of the multinational hip-hop trio, “Outlandish”, left its mark on the audience present, knowing the repertoire of the Danish group, but also when the presenter enjoyed the musical tribute to the celebration that welcomes the diplomatic bond between the two nations since June 29, 1911.

The Ambassador of Cuba in the Nordic country, Roger López García, presented the Group Director, Lenny Martínez, born in Honduras, of Cuban descent, a shared gift, together with the representative of Cuba Ron Nordic, a participant in the event.

For an hour, the rhythms of his musical hits were heard, from his debut album, Outland’s Official, nominated for numerous Danish music awards in 2000, such as Bread & Barrels of Water, which generated radio hits such as “Aicha” and “Guantánamo”, the song that opened the concert, which evokes the eastern city, in a song to the Caribbean island, its nature, its people and its culture.

Outlandish found itself sharing the charts with established Danish pop stars on the national charts, reaching new heights of popularity. His R & B / Rap / Soul music is influenced by his different origins (Arabic, Pakistani, and Latin music), and although his songs are mainly in English, they usually contain lyrics in Spanish, Danish, Urdu, and Arabic. All of these influences make Outlandish music unique.




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