Message from Yiannis Bournous, vice president of the Friendship with Cuba group in the Hellenic Parliament, Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs, SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance

Athens, November 24, 2021

Mrs. Zelmys María Domínguez Cortina
Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Greece

Dear Ms. Ambassador Zelmys,
November 25 is a unique day for all of us because on that day Fidel Castro, the Commander of every honest and dedicated fighter for social emancipation, the liberation of the people and equality, set out for immortality.
Who was Fidel Castro for us who do not live in Cuba? Without a doubt, he was and continues to be a source of inspiration and a powerful symbol.
It was him that we were always sure that he never lowered his head to those who dominated and convinced his compatriots to follow him. He was the comfort in the despair and hope of the oppressed. A constant inspiration for new struggles and the progress of the people. Surely neither Cuba nor all of Latin America are the same after Fidel.
We assure you of this: from whatever position we are in, we will dedicate our efforts to the protection and well-being of Cuba and its people. We will always be by your side so that the victories, achievements and progress of the peoples of Latin America are never lost.

Yiannis Bournous
MP for Lesvos
Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs
SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance


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