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Marino Murillo exchanged with the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Cuba on the Ordering Task

Havana, February 25, 2021.- Marino Murillo Jorge, head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Ordering Task, exchanged this Thursday on its main aspects with representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Cuba.
Murillo Jorge explained that this process has been implemented in a very complex economic moment, with many limitations due to the impact of the intensification of the United States blockade; the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; the world economic situation and the restriction of foreign exchange earnings to the country.
He also commented that the monetary and exchange regulation process complies with the agreements adopted in the VI and VII Congresses of the PCC. In its design, external experiences of countries that developed monetary reforms were taken into account.
He also highlighted that its implementation is complex and its main objective is the correction of relative prices to give more space to national production, favor the export sector, stimulate import substitution and eliminate obstacles in the economy. Although the monetary and exchange system eliminates excessive subsidies and undue gratuities, he clarified that it is not shock therapy and will not lose its focus on social justice.
He also commented that despite the difficult circumstances, the need and importance of the Ordinance Task has been validated to promote the Economic-Social Development Strategy of the country, with a social and fair approach, and with the political will of the Cuban government of review what needs to be reviewed and correct what should and can be corrected.
Among the favorable effects of the implementation of the Ordinance Task are the record of an increase in the search for jobs of the working-age population that previously did not work; it has been possible to detect and help vulnerable households; powers have been decentralized; and distortions in the economy that were present even before its application have been corrected.
On the Cuban side, Leonardo Ramón Andollo Valdés, second head of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development, and Marcelino Medina, first Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations, also participated.
This meeting was attended by 104 diplomatic representatives of countries accredited in Cuba.


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