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Iranian Turoperators for greater activity in the destination Cuba.

Teherán, 21st of January, 2021. III Secretary Junior Peñalver Quevedo, in charge of consular affairs, press and culture of the Cuban Embassy in the Islamic Republic of Iran, held a meeting this morning with Mr. Mehdi Jafar, CEO of Agency Novin Sam Gasht and Mr. Mehdi Graffiti, CEO of Shemirangasht Travel Agency, who requested an encounter at our headquarters with the objectives of obtaining broad and detailed information about the goodness of the Cuban tourist destination, contacts with the receptives agencies of the island as well as the procedures that Persian travelers must complete to materialize the growing interest in this nation for visiting our country.

The number of Iranian tourists in our region was increasing in the previous months of the outbreak of the pandemic of COVID-19, with special emphasis on Cuba, a country with which the Iranians are united by historical ties of friendship, recognized in Iran and the world as a safe destination of inagotable beauty and attractiveness.


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