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Embassy of Cuba in London participates in the event “Karl Marx Oration”.

London, March 15, 2021.- Officials of the Embassy of Cuba in the British capital participated yesterday in the virtual meeting ” Karl Marx Oration”, organized by the Communist Party of Britain and the Marx Memorial Library and Workers’ School, which was part of the tribute that is held every year to the German thinker in commemoration of his death.

This year, it was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune and included presentations by Lydia Samarbakhsh, Head of the International Department of the French Communist Party, and Liz Payne, Chair of the Communist Party of Britain.  Both speakers gave an overview of the history of the Paris Commune, the importance of the event as the first revolution of the workers against capital and its pioneering role in the subsequent struggles of the working class, as well as Marx’s thoughts on this event. During the meeting, it was also stressed the validity of the founding principles of the international communist movement that emerged in the Commune and the need to continue the battle in all fields of confrontation that the workers’ movement lives today.


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