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Declaration of Namibia – Cuba Friendship Association

Namibia, July 14th, 2021- Namibia – Cuba Friendship Association condemns in the strongest term the incitement of disorders that occurred in some localities of Cuba in the past days. These are the results of a plan designed by the United States Government to opportunistically exert the greatest possible pressure against Cuba, only three weeks after United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by a vote of virtually all Member States that calls upon the United States to end its illegal blockade of Cuba.  Ignoring the condemnation by the international community, the United States has intensified its efforts to destabilize Cuba at a time when it faces a complex situation, derived from 16 months of confrontation with the Pandemic and the current severe outbreak. The defiant reinforcement of the blockade and the brutal restrictions imposed on the Cuban people by the criminal US government, has seriously affected the normal functioning of the Cuban economy and the health of its people by severely reducing income from exports of goods and services, access to fuels, medicines and medical supplies.

These measures are intended to destabilize Cuba and to provoke a social outbreak to justify external intervention. The participation of the United States is proven. The US financing granted to individuals in Cuba and abroad to create small groups in Cuba that promote internal disorder, provoke and carry out acts against institutions, and voice support for terrorist actions is public knowledge. The encouragement and instigation of acts of confrontation with Cuban institutions and law enforcements through media campaigns with lies and misrepresentations of the Cuban reality are also publicly known. The media`s campaign is intended to divert attention from  the success of the Cuban scientists who managed to develop their own vaccine whose safety standards are higher than those developed by Western countries.  

We denounce in the strongest terms the acts of violence that are promoted and carried out by criminal elements, including attacks on law enforcement forces.

We strongly denounce the disinformation and discredit campaign articulated from Washington, faced with these manoeuvres and the attempts to project an image of instability.

We call for the immediate lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States, which is the main obstacle to the development and well-being of the Cuban people.

Namibia Cuba Friendship Association together with all peace loving Namibians will fight tooth and nail with our Cuban brothers and sisters until the unjust blockade is lifted.

Viva the Cuban Revolution!

Viva the Friendship between Namibia and Cuba!

!Patria o Muerte!



Cecilia Muzile

Secretary General

NAMCUFA, Windhoek Namibia


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