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Declaration Belize+Cuba Solidarity

Belize/Cuba Solidarity

15th November 2021 #CubaVive

Declaration of Solidarity for Cuba:

The present COVID-19 pandemic has created a global economic crisis that has threatened billions of people worldwide of their human rights to health, life, education, food, shelter, work, and movement. Despite this, Cuba has remained resilient in its fight against COVID-19 with the development of its vaccines. As a result, more than 70% of the Cuban population is fully vaccinated, while more than 90% have received at least one dose of their Cuban-made vaccines. To add to this, they have also achieved a 98.02% recovery rate for patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and have decreased the lethality to 0.86%. With most of the population protected, Cuba has decided to resume its course and start its return to normality by reinitiating schools for children and reopening its borders to international travel and tourism.

However, despite this, for the past couple of months, there has been an increase of attempts to disrupt and destabilize Cuba’s return to normality, its tranquillity, and social peace by politically affiliated external entities and organizations. The participation of these anti-Cuban groups aims to negatively portray Cuba as a failed state, all while provoking internal instability and violence to force regime change.

President Biden maintained the 243 sanctions imposed by the Trump administration in full force; more than 60 sanctions were levied during the pandemic, making the blockade even more genocidal. These sanctions make it increasingly difficult for Cuba to help its population from a fair playing field. The main objective of these sanctions is to provoke further suffering and generate social unrest. These new sanctions, along with an already existing 60+ year-long blockade, are discriminatory, unlawful, cynical, genocidal, and a show of complete lack of morals and empathy.

Cuba is a nation of peace, solidarity, and friendship. Even though the pandemic, they continued to send healthcare workers throughout the globe to boost healthcare in rural areas, respond to disasters, and supplement the lack of staff caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They continue to provide scholarships to underdeveloped countries and have made several advancements in research and development, the most recent being their vaccines.

The ongoing pressure and interference upon Cuba violate fundamental human rights; it violates a nation’s independence and sovereignty and is an act of economic, political, and social oppression.

1. Therefore, we, the Belize-Cuba Solidarity Movement, strongly reaffirm our position to support Cuba against the persistent, unjust challenges and aggression imposed against the island and its people.

2. We condemn the persistent destabilization attempts by external anti-Cuba entities and organizations to portray Cuba negatively and their attempts to incite disorder and revolts.

3. We stand together to call for an immediate end to the 60+ year-long illegal and unilateral blockade that has brought nothing but endless suffering and oppression to the people of Cuba.

4. We denounce the strengthening of the sanctions against Cuba by the Government of the US.

5. We call for all countries to support the Republic of Cuba as a nation of peace and solidarity and respect them as an independent and sovereign country and their laws, constitution, and principles of socialism.

#LetCubaLive #CubaVive #BelizeCuba

(Embacuba Belice)


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