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Cuban Tourist Card Requirements

Cuban Tourist Card Requirements

  • Passport (original) with 6 months’ validity and one copy.
  • Recent of 1 (one) photo 2 (two) inches size with any background color.
  • Evidence of Round Trip Travel (Copy of Airline booking)
  • Evidence of Hotel (Confirmed Hotel Reservation)

**in case of the applicant will stay with friend in Cuba, please provide us the information of your friend:  full name, address, and telephone number in written format.

  • Evidence of Travel Insurance, non U.S. Insurance Company, to cover period of stay.
  • Foreigners must be residents in Thailand. Copy of Work Permit/Permit of Stay must be submitted.
  • Visa application form completely filled out. Application form is available at the Embassy on submission date. If you are unable to apply by yourself, you must provide power of attorney letter in English to the authorized person and pay an additional fee of 1,125 Baht.
  • Based on the particulars of each applicant, the payment amount must be approved by the Cuban Embassy first, and then deposited to the Embassy’s bank account. Copy of deposit slip must be submitted to the Embassy. 
  • Visa/Tourist card takes 7-14 working days for processing.
  • For travel agent, if traveler quantity more than 5 passports, you must provide a letter with traveler’s name list in English and get appointment with the Embassy before submit.
  • If you travel to Cuba directly from US, you must purchase the Tourist Card through the airlines/cruise lines that are travelling to Cuba only.

*** Note: One copy of each document for one applicant

Visa Section Working Hours:

Monday-Friday except Public Holidays

10.00-12.00 hours. (Submission by appointment) and

14.00-17.00(Collection as appointment date and time)

Tel:     0-2665-2803, 0-2661-6563        Fax:  0-2661-6563

Email: embajada@th.embacuba.cu


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