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Cuba expects the US gov’t. to review position after false accusations

Cuba expects on Friday that the US government’s decisions concerning its embassy in Havana will be reversed after the release of a report that evidences the false accusations against the country.

The deputy director general of the US in Cuba’s Foreign Ministry Johana Tablada referred to a State Department report that considered as improper the decisions of the Trump administration (2017-2021) regarding alleged sonic attacks against officials of its diplomatic mission in Havana.

Cuba maintains its willingness to cooperate to find a solution and expects that the measures taken under false pretexts will be reversed, the diplomat told the Cuban News Agency.

She added that the document announced in the United States confirms as valid the conclusions of Cuban and US researchers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation team that came to Cuba, as well as the investigation of the US Academy of Sciences.

The accusation against Cuba shows the extent of the manipulation of those who decided to use that excuse to impose a setback in the relations between Havana and Washington, which meant a high cost for Cuba and its inhabitants, she emphasized.

The diplomat noted that after four years of accusations, the US government was unable to prove that sonic attacks occurred in Cuba between late 2016 and early 2017.

Since then Washington reduced the level of bilateral ties to a minimum and imposed other impediments to travel to that country by Cuban citizens.


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