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Congratulations women. May your dream come true.

Dear friends of the Cuban-Irish family:

There are many reasons to extend cordial congratulations to you today on International Women’s Day.

WOMEN, despite the progress made in gender equality, has had a double duty: their work, family care and at least a good part of the housework.

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed new challenges. By having the whole family at home for long periods, all the tasks have increased and the urgency of taking care of the family’s health is added.

As always, the love and diligence of the WOMEN has kept the family safe.

The heroism of WOMEN in front-line tasks to confront the pandemic is immeasurable, as is also her outstanding presence in dissimilar essential services.

The only fair response to your sacrifice is to make gender equality a reality and not a future aspiration.

This is a day of demands for women worldwide, we proudly recognize that CUBAN WOMAN has won an important part of the battle for gender equality. We are not satisfied and we will turn all the dreams of the Marianas, the Celias, the Vilmas and so many other heroines into everyday reality.

To our many Irish WOMEN friends who with their commitment and work nurture the ties of friendship and solidarity with Cuba, all our deep gratitude and appreciation. THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS.





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