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Canadian MPs reject US unilateral measure against Cuba

Ottawa, Jan 27 (Prensa Latina) Canadian legislators expressed their rejection of the decision of former US President Donald Trump to include Cuba in the list of countries that according to Washington sponsor terrorism. 

Thus was highlighted by Arnold August, a prominent Canadian intellectual and friend of Cuba, in an article published on Tuesday on the Canada Files website.

According to August, Don Davies, member of parliament for Vancouver Kingsway, province of British Columbia, expressed in a message on Twitter that in his last days in power, Donald Trump declared Cuba a ‘State sponsoring terrorism’ without the slightest pieces of evidence.

President Joe Biden should reverse such farce at once because it is a mockery of the list’s purpose, which was driven by a ruler who incited terrorism in his own country, the legislator pointed out.

New Democratic Party (NDP) MP for Hamilton Centre (Ontario), Matthew Green, retweeted the message and added, ‘I stand with my colleague and comrade @DonDavies in solidarity with Cuba.’

The list of states sponsoring terrorism was created in 1979 as part of the Export Administration Act and, according to the Washington Post, was a legal clause intended to give the executive branch the ability to restrict exports, arms transfers, and other commercial activities, August notes.

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