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Cambodians Greet Good News on Cuba

Cambodians and Cubans celebrated here the return of the island to normalcy, such as the reopening to tourism, the resumption of the school year and the effectiveness of their anti-COVID19 vaccines.

Businessmen, intellectuals, artists and Cubans living in the kingdom sent their best wishes for peace and prosperity to the Island.

The vice president of the Association of Graduates of Cambodia in Cuba (AGCC), Bunthoeurn Thet, reaffirmed the commitment of the members to continue strengthening the ties of friendship between the two countries and denounced the aggressive and interfering policy of the United States against Havana.

For his part, the honorary president of the AGCC, Hem Chanly, described Cuba as a safe tourist destination and invited the participants to tour the country through its main products, music, art and cuisine.


The Cuban ambassador here, Liurka Rodríguez, thanked the Cambodians for their confidence in her country in spite of the attempts of the enemies of the revolution to overshadow its achievements.

In recent days, the media and digital platforms in Cambodia highlighted the historic support of the kingdom to the fight to put an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States and in general to its interference policy towards the island.

They also echoed the denunciations of the Cuban foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, on the destabilizing plans orchestrated and financed by Washington in the face of the opening of the borders to safe tourism, the return to educational centers and the normal performance of daily life.


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