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Statement on peace process in Cameroon

“We commend most parties for engaging in substantive dialogue. We encourage all of stakeholders to support and use the parties to advance and contribute to an inclusive process to reach a lasting and sustainable political settlement. “The agreement to get into a formal process is really a critical first step toward peace and a safer, a lot more inclusive and prosperous long term for civilians affected by the conflict. “Canada has accepted the require to facilitate this process, included in our commitment to promote peace and security and advance support for democracy and human being rights. Our role also reflects Canada’s engagement to work alongside our African partners to develop a better future for everyone. “The parties to this agreement are the Republic of Cameroon, the Ambazonia Governing Council as well as the Ambazonia Defence Force, the African People’s Liberation Motion and the Southern Cameroons Defence Force, the Interim Authorities, and the Ambazonia Coalition Team. The parties further show the hope that additional groups will join the process. ’’ The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today released the following statement on the statement of a peace process targeted at resolving the ongoing crisis in the North-West and Southern regions of Cameroon: January 20, 2023 — Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada “Canada welcomes the contract by the parties to get into a process to reach a comprehensive, peaceful and political resolution of the conflict. The parties also have agreed to form technical committees to begin work on confidence-building steps. “Civilians are usually bearing the brunt from the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, with more than 6, 000 people having lost their lives since 2017. In addition , nearly 800, 000 people have already been displaced as a result of this turmoil, and 600, 000 children do not have full access to education and learning.


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