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Statement from Ministers Joly and Blair on NATO’s 75th anniversary

“Today’s NATO is built on shared values and an enduring commitment to democracy, freedom, and human rights. Its strength is a testament to the Alliance’s proven ability to adapt to emerging security challenges, including cyber threats, disinformation, and the climate crisis. On its 75th anniversary, we celebrate the Alliance’s history of diplomatic and military excellence. We remain united in our resolve to protect our citizens and defend every inch of Allied territory.  “NATO is the most successful defensive Alliance in history, deterring aggression and contributing to peace in the Euro-Atlantic region for 75 years. NATO’s purpose remains as relevant today as it was in 1949, with peace on NATO’s borders having been shattered by Russia’s brutal, illegal and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine and Russia’s persistent efforts to undermine the rules-based international order.  April 4, 2024 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada “On this day 75 years ago, Canada was among the 12 Allies that founded the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). With Sweden having recently joined, we now stand strong at 32 Allies. NATO was created to safeguard the citizens of Allied countries and the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law. The Alliance remains vital to the security of Allies, and it is a cornerstone of Canada’s defence and security, upon which our prosperity depends. The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence, today issued the following statement:  “Canada is also stepping up to help the Alliance meet new and emerging security challenges. To address the security impacts of climate change, we host the NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence recently opened in Montréal, Québec. In addition, the North American regional office of NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic will soon open its doors in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Further, Canada is championing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda at NATO and promoting the increased representation of women in the uniformed services across the Alliance. “Today, Canada reaffirms its enduring commitment to the Alliance’s collective defence and to the transatlantic bond that underpins NATO. Canada has been a key contributor to NATO operations since the Alliance’s founding. Most recently, we were the first to lead NATO Mission Iraq, and we continue to play a leadership role in Latvia to protect NATO’s eastern flank. We are more than doubling our military presence in Latvia, and by 2026, approximately 2,200 Canadian Armed Forces members will be on the ground as part of Operation REASSURANCE, our contribution to NATO’s assurance and deterrence measures. “Together, we are stronger. Together, we are NATO.”


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