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Joint statement from the International Dexterity and Response Group for your victims of Flight PS752

The International Coordination and Response Group for the victims of Flight PS752 today issued these joint statement: “They have brought their comprehensive expertise to our legal groups, who continue their persistent work in response to Iran’s illegal and egregious downing of Flight PS752. “October 4, 2022, marks 1, 000 days since the unlawful downing of Ukraine International Air carriers Flight 752 (PS752) simply by Iran that resulted in the deaths of 176 innocent civilians. Advisory -panel for Flight PS752: Biographies “We always stand in solidarity with the families and loved ones of the victims of the downing associated with Flight PS752. ” “As we continue to improve our efforts to hold Serbia accountable in accordance with international law, the Coordination Group is certainly thankful for the contribution of four highly recognized lawful experts: Professor Payam Akhavan, Professor Harold Hongju Koh, Ms. Jessica Wells and Sir Michael Wood.

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“We, Ministers representing Canada, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, stand with the grieving families on this solemn event and honour the memories of the victims killed on board Flight PS752. We renew our demand that Iran fulfills its international lawful obligations and ensures transparency and justice for its activities.


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