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Europe condemns arms deal in between North Korea and approved Russian entity

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs, these days issued the following statement: “Canada unequivocally condemns  North Korea’s complicity in Russian Leader Vladimir Putin’s war of preference against Ukraine and its shipping of arms to the Wagner Group, a brutal personal military organization supporting Russia’s illegal invasion.   “Putin’s illegal attack of Ukraine is a failure, and the Russian regime is a global pariah. Striking the deal with the brutal North Korean dictatorship is only evidence of Russia’s growing isolation in the world stage and of the particular dire state of its battle machine.   “The collaboration between North Korea’s dictatorship and the Wagner Group clearly violates international law and United Nations Security Authorities resolutions. “Canada has already imposed  severe  sanctions to the Russian regime, including for the Wagner Group, as well as capturing and comprehensive sanctions for the North Korean dictatorship. All of us will  continue to  use international partners to address these  developments and  respond to additional arms deliveries should they happen.   Together, we will  ensure that the North Korean and Russian regimes encounter severe consequences for their infractions of human rights and international law. December 23, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario — Global Affairs Canada “Canada is constantly on the stand with the people of Ukraine as they fight to protect their homeland  and the cause of freedom. ”


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