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Backgrounder: General Security of Information Agreement 

In November 2022, the Government of Canada launched its Indo-Pacific Strategy, which highlights the Republic of Korea (Korea) as a key partner for Canada in the Indo-Pacific and in the North Pacific specifically. GSOIAs ensure that Canada maintains the highest standards of security to protect sensitive Government of Canada information entrusted to contractors and governments across the world. The protection of sensitive information is a critical priority for the Government of Canada throughout all of its international operations. A GSOIA is a legally binding instrument that supports defence procurement and defence operational requirements by setting out the mutual rights and obligations between two parties with respect to protecting classified information and assets when in foreign custody. These agreements contribute to strengthening bilateral relationships by permitting greater levels of military cooperation and interoperability. They also allow vetted Canadian firms access to classified data necessary to bid on sensitive procurements in foreign markets and facilitate business opportunities for Canadian companies in industries such as defence, security, aerospace, marine, nuclear and space. General Security of Information Agreements (GSOIAs) for industrial security and defence establish a mutual understanding of how government sensitive information must be handled and protected with foreign partners.


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