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The report on the activities carried out by the Ministry in charge of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation during the second quarter of 2022-2023

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation His Excellency Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO drew up on Thursday, February 9, 2023, the second quarterly report of activities planned for the 2022-2023 budget year. The balance sheet of activities is the result of a multiple ambition.
As for the challenges encountered, the Minister Albert SHINGIRO indicated that they are of two kinds insofar as the first is related to the insufficiency of the material and financial means which makes certain actions encounter difficulties in the execution. This is a common challenge for all public services. For the Minister, state institutions must work hard so that the budget allocated to priority programs can be released without too much difficulty. The second challenge concerns the lack of a building that can house all the departments of the ministry, but the solution to this challenge can however be found with the implementation of the building construction project of the Ministry with its Chinese partner.
“As regards relations with neighboring countries, good neighborliness is one of the cardinal points of our foreign policy. During the period under review, we continued our diplomatic action to normalize our relations with Rwanda. These relations are now at a satisfactory stage,” said His Excellency Albert SHINGIRO. The Minister said that Burundi contributes to the return to peace in the DRC alongside the other countries of the East African Community within the framework of the Nairobi initiative and that of Luanda, both through the political process. and the deployment of a regional force to provide support to the Congolese force in order to put out of harm’s way the negative forces and the terrorists who abound in eastern DRC. Thus, a lot of progress is being made, he added.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation announced that many activities have been carried out in the dynamics of the implementation of economic diplomacy, such as participation at the highest level in the United States-Africa Economic Forum, the meeting in Casablanca with the Vice-President of the the Cherifien office of phosphates office specializing in the production of fertilizers, the organization of three economic missions for foreign investors in Burundi, the reception of a delegation of Belgian investors, etc. With regard to the promotion of international cooperation, Burundi has participated in several meetings and forums. With regard to the key actions carried out at the level of the central administration, Minister Albert SHINGIRO insisted on the activities which fall within the framework of the strengthening of good governance and the development of public infrastructures.
With regard to politico-diplomatic gains, Ambassador Albert SHINGIRO pointed out that the joint signing between the Government of Burundi and the United Nations System, of the United Nations Framework Plan for Cooperation and Sustainable Development 2023-2027, the organization of the 1st Session of the Joint Commission between Burundi and the Republic of South Africa, negotiation and signing of economic cooperation agreements with bilateral and multilateral partners and formalities relating to membership, entry into force treaties, conventions and agreements, the ratification and the deposit of the requested instruments of eradication have been carried out.


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