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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organize a field visit to the provinces of Ngozi and Kirundo.

The Government of the Republic of Burundi and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) jointly developed and signed 2020 Work Plans which are inspired by the new Country Program (2019-2023) and aligned with the priorities of the National Plan Development 2018-2027.

The Country Program includes in its coordination mechanisms, an annual joint visit between the program’s implementing partners and the United Nations Population Fund to assess the progress made and any constraints in achieving the results of the program. program. The Program evolved in a difficult environment characterized by the postponement of certain activities. It is in this context that a field visit was scheduled and carried out in the Provinces of Ngozi and Kirundo by the executives of the sectoral Ministries that are partners in the implementation of the Program, the executives of the NGOs responsible for the implementation of the Program activities and UNFPA staff on December 1 to 4, 2020 respectively at Ngozi hospital, at the Family and Community Development Center (CDFC) of Ngozi, Youth Peace Center of the Ruhororo Commune of the Ngozi province , at “amis des jeunes” Health Center of Buye in the Province of Ngozi, to the “Nawe Nuze” Solidarity groups of the Gashikanwa Commune of Ngozi, at  Kirundo hospital, at the Family and Community Development Center (CDFC) of Kirundo , Youth Peace Center of the Kirundo Commune, at the Gasura Health Center of the Vumbi Commune in the Province of Kirundo and ABUBEF of Kirundo.

The general objective of the visit was to the checking of the implementation of the Program’s activities and to assess the evidence and / or the challenges linked to the Program’s interventions. The specific objective was to document the achievements of the Program (evidence, physical, life history, testimonies, etc.); analyze the favorable and unfavorable factors that have made it possible or not to achieve the results and formulate appropriate recommendations that can help achieve the expected results of the Program.

A joint field visit program was drawn up and sites to be visited were inventoried. Courtesy visits were organized with provincial administrative officials and discussions were held with the technical services of hospitals, youth-friendly health centers, specialized centers for the management of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), CDFCs and UNFPA partner organizations working at the provincial level.

The achievements of the Program are documented, relevant recommendations to improve the performance of the program are formulated and an implementation plan for said recommendations is drawn up.

A restitution was organized and a mission report will be drawn up and recommendations will be formulated and will be the subject of implementation or follow-up.


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